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In this part of the world we really do take things for granted. Like the way we sleep and wake or go and come in. Lots of people sleep and don’t wake, some go out and don’t get back. Some are caught up with ritualists or accidents which always results in loss of life and property also.

Someone might say, I rarely go out so this doesn’t really apply to me but it does.

Do you know that accidents also occur at home? Cuts or bruises are accidents, also burns. Talking about burns, fire is the cause of 90% of home accidents. Such a sad pity isn’t it? You are home thinking you are safe from the outside world and a fire starts.

In Nigeria, homeowners lost over N6Bn worth of Properties to fire incidents between 2012 and 2017

In order to save yourself, you rush out absentmindedly forgetting the rest of your family inside, who if fortunate enough come out unharmed. Then you frantically start calling for the fire department while watching your house come down in ashes.

Such a dreadful sight!

What if I tell you, you could have prevented the fire from happening. That would have been the best news of the century a couple of hours ago! Then you ask “Is there really a way to prevent such from reoccuring again?” Yes there is! To prevent your millions of naira or dollar property from eventually turning to ashes all you have to do is use less than 10% of what you used to build it to prevent such.

And that miracle worker is (drum roll……) a SMOKE DETECTOR!

It is as simple as the name implies. It detects smoke and sends you an alert immediately while activating the sirens at the same time. If you aren’t home, then your neighbours can be of help, because it would ring out and won’t stop until its attended to.

So, why risk your house which can yield you more profit over the years, when you can prevent what can make you break down in a matter of seconds if not properly dealt with, with a token compared to the amount used to build the house.

So what’s stopping you from getting yours today to prevent that tragic loss?

As a wise saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”.

Act fast and do the right thing!

We are just a call away to help you with the Installation.

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