CCTV Implementation​

Maintain real-time monitoring of your home and  business facilities with High Definition CCTV cameras that guarantee both on-sight and remote view of happenings within or around your facilities regardless of location.


​We implement integrated CCTV systems with infra-red illumination, intelligent capabilities, and range of digital recorders including cloud.


Our systems deploys state-of-the-art devices array of aesthetic compatibility, structurally rugged, functionally reliable and adaptable to customers’ needs



Smart Homes

Increasing global incidences of fire outbreak continues to underscores the need for preventive approach to fire safety towards protection of investments.


At Wiltrend, we deliver a cutting edge integrated fire system with high precision smoke and heat sensors that trigger alarm within 2-3 seconds of stimulus. The system offers superior ability to makes phone calls or sends SMS to the configured numbers alerting the facility owner of fire and segments of facility being affected.

Our seasoned engineers implement with professional competence that meet our customers’ delight. 

smart homes


Gate Automation

Automatic gate openers are  great ways to provide convenient access to your home and add a layer of protection to your property.


Our range of Automated Gates are structurally strong, posses weather resistant housing, intelligent features such as Soft Start/Soft Stop and Gate Profiling, Auto Close, Service Indicator, Pedestrian and Vacation Modes, as well as Keyed Lockout System.


The systems can be operated from the same remote control as your Automatic technology garage door opener for added convenience. It also offers options for battery back-up and solar.

Remote Gate Installation


Electric Fencing System

An electric fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter animal or people from crossing a boundary. The voltage of the shock may have effects ranging from discomfort to death. It is frequently used to enhance the security of sensitive areas, such as estates, factory, schools, banks, residential areas, military base, prisons, and other security sensitive places; places exist where lethal voltages are used.



Access Control Solution

Our access control with time attendance solution can be used to restricted access to areas and locations. You can locally and remotely monitor the exit and entry activities of various point within organisation.


The safety and security of your employee, resources, gadgets, properties and work environment is critical and should not be taken lightly. An access control system allows you to control who goes in or goes out of a place. It helps you to keep record of employees’ activities in a place


The time attendance management system can be used by the HR to monitor

when an employee resumes and when he/she closes. This helps in calculating hours an employee worked for the month (both normal and overtime).It is a device that can be integrated with the companies database, CRM and Network  allow easy access to the data logs within the system

remote shutter


Fire Alarm System

The primary job of a smoke detector is to  automatically put you on alert when there is a fire outbreak.

That’s why at least one smoke alarm should be installed per room


Fire risk assessment should be taken serious in any property because any fire outbreak would lead to loss of so many valuable things. Likewise any property without fire alarm system should not be considered as option for people to live in or store valuable things


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